Pest Control and Fumigation

Pest Control Services

NCPB is a state corporation established umder CAP 338 of the laws of Kenya.It offers various fumigation and pest control services at competitive rates using pesticides with reputable efficacies. All the pesticides that we use have been approved by the Pest Contol Products Board (PCPB). These services are accessible to our clients due to our countrywide strategic location.

Leaders in Trade & Management of Agricultural Commodities

We have a team in each of our six regions and this enables us to serve our clients with ease, convenience and to quickly respond to customer requests by promptly deploying our respective pest control teams. Other benefits of NCPB’s services include;

  1. Operating six pest control teams all registered by Pest Control Produce Board(PCPB) as pest control operators
  2. Trained, competent and experienced staff in fumigation and pest control services.
  3. Adequate capacity to fumigate large volumes of commodities because of enough fumigation and pest control equipment and other accessories.
  4. Each team is facilitated with reliable means of transport.

We have the capacity to offer the following services;

  1. Fumigation of cereals, pulses and other food commodities. This can be carried out in warehouses, grain silos, containers and ship holds/hatches etc
  2. Fumigation and disinfection of institutions, residential houses, offices, hotels.

3. Public health-like mosquito and bed bug control in hotels, schools, colleges and residential areas. We also do fumigation or that is recommended for COVID 19 prevention measures.

4. Termite control in lawns and buildings.

5. Rodent control.

  • Minimum charges for Fumigation is Ksh 5400 depending on quantity
  • Spraying charges are Ksh 3,200 per sprayer(subject to space size)

This service is available countrywide in the six (6) Regions where a team of   Quality and Pest control officers are stationed as follows:-

  1. Nairobi Nairobi    – Eastern Region  (Contact)
  2. Embu                    – Northern Region (Contact)
  3. Mombasa            – Coast Region(Contact)
  4. Nakuru                 – South Rift Region (Contact)
  5. Eldoret                 – North Rift Region (Contact)
  6. Kisumu                 -Lake/Western Region (Contact)