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Functions of the Board2

Functions of the Board

  • i)    To undertake all aspects of grain trading and develop a dynamic, viable and profitable business commercially oriented to acquisition, trading, marketing including importation/exportation, storage, handling, transportation, processing, packaging, preservation and any other associated services including promotion of grain production
  • ii)    To undertake procurement, storage, maintenance and management of Strategic Food Reserve and Famine Relief stocks on behalf of the Government
  • iii)    To achieve the optimum possible level of commercial performance in all areas of its activities including maintenance of standards of food quality and food hygiene
  • iv)    To develop, create and maintain a management and operating structure and training programme which will provide and exhibit:
    -    Efficiency in all its operations
    -    Job satisfaction and appropriate rewards at all levels of the organization and functions of the Corporation
    -    Responsiveness to high quality service to customers of the Corporation, and
    -    Social responsibility to the public in general and in particular to the community in which the Corporation does business by endeavouring to accommodate these desirables when able to do so
  • v)    To promote and encourage the utilization of the latest technology in advancing the food industry and to increase the efficiency of the local food industry and facilitate rapid national development and
  • vi)    To carry on and to transact any other commercial, manufacturing, financial, agricultural business and operations which the Corporation may think directly or indirectly conducive to any of its objects.