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Strategic plan

Strategic plan 2015-2020

The strategic plan articulates the corporation’s five year (2016-2020) strategic direction. It sets out seven broad strategic goals that will establish a commonly shared vision for the future of the corporation and of its role in the broader mission of trading in quality grains, agricultural products and related services. The implementation of the plan anticipates new levels of entrepreneurial practices, partnerships and collaboration, distributed leadership, financial growth and sustainability, and a dynamic entrepreneurial organizational culture. The strategies and objectives set out in this plan aim to strengthen the core activities of the corporation, as well as invest in strategic areas that will make it achieve its vision of being a world class corporation in agricultural commodity trade and grain management.

The strategic plan shall be implemented within the framework of four (4) Strategic Themes and respective Goals/Strategic Results as shown below:

Four Strategic Themes

  • 1.    Build a business culture
  • 2.    Operational Excellence
  • 3.   Research and Development of a structured and Market Driven trade in Commodities
  • 4.    Human Resource Development

Strategic goals

  • 1. Establish GCK as autonomous commercial enterprise
  • 2. To diversify sources of funding/revenue generation for sustained business growth
  • 3. To increase revenue generation through commodity trade
  • 4. To strengthen human resource capacity to support enterprise development
  • 5. To provide a conducive physical working environment for improved performance
  • 6. Strengthen collaboration, partnership and linkages with partners and other stakeholders
  • 7. Strengthen post-harvest value addition and management services

The strategic goals listed above will be achieved through implementation of the seven (7) priority areas formulated in the strategic direction with their respective strategic objectives, expected key results/successes and strategies for achieving respective strategic objectives. The seven priority areas are:

  • 1.    Transformation of NCPB to GCK
  • 2.    Raise Capital for growth and sustainability
  • 3.    Business development, diversification and marketing
  • 4.    Grain Management and value addition
  • 5.    Partnerships and Collaborations
  • 6.    Capacity building for enhanced service del
  • 7.    ICT for improved efficiency