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Agricultural Inputs

Farm Inputs

The Board entered into farm inputs (i.e. Fertilizer, maize seeds) sometimes in the year 2000. The Board’s entry into this line of business was aimed at boosting Board’s revenue generation as well as stabilising the fertilizer prices in the local market. Besides accurate weights, the Board also ensures that the correct quality of fertilizer (as provided for under Kenya Bureau of Standards – KEBS, quality specification) is sold to the farmer/Board’s customers. The Board also sells to farmers Maize Seeds and Farm Chemicals, which are procured on agency basis. By handing these products, the Board ensures that its outlet is made a “One Stop Shop” providing easy access of goods and services to its customers.

The Board imports fertilizer direct from overseas manufactures and handles some on agency basis. The Board has branded its imported fertilizer by name “MKULIMA BORA”.

The Board also handles certified Maize Seeds and Farm Chemicals on agency basis, which are procured from approved dealers.