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Millet and Sorghum

Millets / Sorghums and related products

Millets and Sorghums are indigenous cereals which are popular due to there nutritional benefits and resistance to pest infestation and drought. There are mainly two varieties of millets grown in Kenya as subsistence crops i.e. Finger millet and Bulrush millet. Sorghums are also found in two varieties, White sorghum and Red mixed Sorghum.

Brand Names

  • Finger millet (Red Mixed Wimbi)
  • Bulrush millet
  • Red mixed sorghum
  • White sorghum
  • NAFAKA Pure Wimbi Flour


  • 80kg bag for all the Millets and sorghums
  • NAFAKA Pure Wimbi Flour
  • 1kg
  • 1kg x 24bale