Clearing and Forwarding

NCPB , a government parastatal and in  accordance to  the provisions of Public Procurement and Asset Disposal Act 2015 section 103 2 (e), is allowed to engage on-direct procurement with other government agencies thereby saving time as it can be called on at short notice.

NCPB Clearing Agency is fully licensed by the Government of Kenya to engage in all Exports and Imports on behalf of Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) Customs Department.

Experience: The Clearing Agency boasts of 40 years’ experience in provision of clearing & forwarding, warehousing and distribution service.

Membership: The Clearing Agency is in membership of the Kenya International Clearing, Forwarding and Warehousing Association (KIFWA) and also a founding member of the former Kenya Clearing and Warehousing Association.

Network: NCPB boasts of a wide network of warehouses with specialized storage facilities for grains in bags and Silos for bulk grain storage. The warehouse s are suitable for storage of other commodities and are spacious.

This storage infrastructure is spread across the country with warehouses in all the 47 counties. Infrastructure is supported by large yards, rail sidings, proximity to strategic road networks, spacious stores and manned by reputable security firms.

Staff: NCPB has competent staff who are well versed in local and international logistics, procurement and clearing policies and procedures. They are dedicated to serving our customers with commitment and maintaining international standards in delivering value.

Commitment: With extensive logistics and procurement knowledge, National Cereals and Produce Board Clearing Agency is dedicated to providing clients with local solutions of international standards, and has proven to be an established player with a long – term commitment in the logistics market, delivering and end – to-end services which creates assessable value to clients. Our solutions are cost effective and customer oriented.

Services offered: Customs Clearance, Port Operations Services, Warehousing, Fumigation Services, Grain Silo Services, Weighbridge Services, Tariff Classifications and Concessions, Preparing/Receiving and processing import and export documents Customs Duty Calculations and Computation of other related Government Levies, Duty Drawback Application, Pre-shipment Authorization and Pre-clearance, Customs, bonds.