Board of Directors

National Cereals and Produce Board (NCPB) is governed by the Board of Directors which is responsible for ensuring professional standards and corporate values, systems and controls are put in place, as well as ensure key policies are formulated and implemented. The functions of the board are to: … FUNCTIONS OF THE BOARD

Mr. Mutea Iringo, OGW CBS, ndc (K) – Chairman
Dr. Julius Muia, CBS -PS The National Treasury Planning
Managing Director National Cereals and Produce Board
Mr. Joseph M Kimote, MBS – Managing Director
Philip Tarus – Alternate Director Ministry of Devolution and Development of ASALs State Department of Devolution
Mr. James Mureu. Director
Mr. David Kimiti Kasirimo. Director
Peter Odhiambo Owoko - Alternate Director, Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Co-operatives, State
Director James Mungai – Alternate Director The National Treasury
Amb. David Mutemi Mutui, MBS. Director
Mr. Peter Kamande Mwangi. Director